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Strong wind to continue until beginning of next week: Met department

Published: 18 May 2022 - 08:07 am | Last Updated: 18 May 2022 - 08:13 am
Motorists driving through the dust storm, which covered the entire Gulf region, in Doha yesterday. Pic:Salim Matramkot/the Peninsula

Motorists driving through the dust storm, which covered the entire Gulf region, in Doha yesterday. Pic:Salim Matramkot/the Peninsula

Sanaullah Ataullah | The Peninsula

Doha: Qatar Meteorology Department has forecast that the dust mass is expected to gradually vanish where the fresh northwesterly wind will continue until this weekend.

“The country was affected by a dust mass coming from the north of Arabian Peninsula, which led to low visibility in some areas due to a seasonal low pressure that affected the entire region in general,” said Fatima Al Yafei, weather forecaster at Qatar Meteorology Department.

Speaking to Qatar TV yesterday, Al Yafei said that this period is locally ‘Bawareh’, where strong northwesterly winds brought dust.

“The dust mass has begun gradually vanishing, and the visibility will improve from the evening hours today (Tuesday, May 17, 2022) but in the afternoon today (Wednesday, May 18, 2022,) there will be local dust due to strong northwesterly winds sometimes at places, and strong winds will continue until the beginning of next week,” said Al Yafei.

She said that local dust and low horizontal visibility are expected in the afternoon in several areas especially in outer parts of the country.

The country yesterday witnessed dusty weather in most areas, horizontal visibility improved relatively after evening and blowing dust at times, with strong Northwest winds continuing to blow inshore and offshore. 

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) has issued health tips for people to protect themselves during sandstorms. “Drivers must ensure all windows are closed while driving in dusty weather and only run the air-conditioning system when needed, the MoPH has tweeted.

Individuals working in open areas need to make sure that they work in shifts to minimize the exposure to dust and to keep wearing the protective mask and glasses. Individuals vulnerable to severe allergies are urged to start their prescribed antihistamine during sandstorm even before any symptom occurs. 

The Ministry asked people to report to the nearest health center if they develop watery eyes, cough, asthma or wheezing. They are also urged to report to the Emergency Department if they have difficulty in breathing.

The General Directorate of Traffic has also shared safety measures for motorists while driving in dust storm. 

“The motorists should reduce the speed of vehicles while driving during strong wind and dust storm,” said Officer of the Traffic Communication and Information Office at the General Directorate of Traffic Lieutenant Fahd Mubarak Al Abdullah.

Speaking to Al Rayan TV Al Abdullah said that the motorist should be more careful while driving in such situation and park vehicles at safe places.