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Store closed for 7 days for selling food not suitable for consumption

Published: 26 Jul 2022 - 03:43 pm | Last Updated: 26 Jul 2022 - 03:48 pm

The Peninsula Online

Doha: Al-Rayyan Municipality issued an administrative decision to close "Fresh Time Vegetables and Fruits" store for 7 days for violating Law No.8 of 1990 on the regulation of human food control. The store will be closed for 7 days for selling food not suitable for consumption. 

Ministry Of Municipality routinely conducts inspections and takes action against violators. The list of violators and the duration of punishment is listed on their website. Till now over 1,100 establishments were closed for various violations.

As per regulation, this law defines the quality standards of food intended for human consumption. It regulates the trade, packaging, transport of both imported and locally produced food. "It prohibits the circulation of food in cases of violation of the standards set forth in the Regulations and Decisions implementing this Law or other relevant Laws; damaged food that could be harmful to the human health; alteration of the food. The Law also prohibits the use of contaminated food with radioactive materials, pesticides, toxic substances, or infectious diseases."

Determining the duration of the closure is up to the discretion of the municipality depending on the type and severity of the violation as determined by law. Furthermore. the closure period does not exceed 60 days at a time, and closures are multiplied by repeated violations.

It is not permissible to open the closed shop or to carry out the activity or do maintenance during the closing period and violating this will entail criminal liability.