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QU College of Business and Economics discusses vision and initiatives

Published: 23 Aug 2022 - 08:39 am | Last Updated: 23 Aug 2022 - 08:47 am
College officials at the press conference.

College officials at the press conference.

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Doha: The College of Business and Economics at Qatar University (QU) organised a press conference in which the Dean of the college, heads of departments and college officials participated. 

Prof. Rana Sobh, Dean of the college  discussed the new vision for the college and some initiatives that will support the strategic direction of the college in the coming years. 

She said that the business world is changing very quickly, and this is reflected in the business education and educational curricula in our college. “This means that we must act quickly to prepare highly qualified generations that can deal with the challenges of the business environment and respond to societal needs.”

Sobh said: “We should no longer make tradeoffs between Profits and promote sustainability. Business can greatly improve the environment and help to find creative solutions to pressing issues related to sustainable development goals.”

In light of this, the College of Business and Economics is partnering with Metavisionaries to hold the “Global Sustainability Space Challenge,” a worldwide competition, in conjunction with the preparations for the State of Qatar’s hosting of the 2022 World Cup. 

The competition offers young people a unique opportunity to learn about the significance of space exploration as the driving force behind international efforts to address the major problems threatening the sustainability of life on Earth. Sobh said that further information would be made public at the launch ceremony. Official competition at Qatar University on September 5.

Prof. Dr. Adam Fadlallah, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, indicated that the college has taken a set of measures to support the college’s teaching and learning strategy to ensure the quality of graduates and their ability to compete in the labour market, but also prepare them to be good. 

Prof. Dr. Mostafa Hassan, Head of the Accounting and Information Systems Department at the college, announced the obtaining of specialized academic accreditation for accounting programmes from the International Association for the Advancement of Colleges of Business Accounting (AACSB), which organises and inspires new ways of thinking in accounting education globally according to the highest standards of quality education and learning.

Prof. Dr. Muhammad Qaid, Head of the Department of Finance and Economics, pointed out that the Finance and Accounting major has entered the ranks of the best 201-250 universities in the world according to the QS classification of universities for academic majors, in addition to entering the economics and econometrics majors among the best 401-450 universities.

The department is applying for certification from the Chartered Management Institute, which supports the highest standards in management and leadership excellence, according to Dr. Ibrahim Al-Nawas, head of the department of management and marketing at the institution. 

The department will launch a new major in human resource management that will help it meet the demands of the labour market and address the shortage in this field.

Dr. Said Al Banna, Director of the Centre for Entrepreneurship and Academic Excellence, spoke about the role of the centre inside and outside Qatar and its work with the university’s partners in the public and private sectors and signing partnerships with relevant institutions.

 Prof. Dr. Belaid Aouni, Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies, stressed that the high-quality research outputs of faculty members and graduate students at the college contribute to the continuous enrichment and development of knowledge, and a positive impact on the business community.

 Dr. Karim El Yafi, one of the lead researchers on the project, explained that the company has developed a unique type of blockchain technology called “MaxYa” that aims to recycle the power of computational power in securing blockchain data to contribute to solving difficult mathematical problems.

Dr. Mazen Al Masry, one of the main researchers in the project, said that this technology is environment friendly and is designed for sustainability and ease of joining the network without the need for advanced devices with a high carbon footprint.