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Fath Al Khair 5: Qatari heritage and 2022 FIFA World Cup

Published: 04 Aug 2022 - 07:55 pm | Last Updated: 04 Aug 2022 - 08:00 pm


DOHA: They are seventeen Qatari sailors, led by Al-Nokhadha Muhammad Al Sada. They spread their sails to the wind and launched the Fath Al Khair 5 cruise that links the past and the present.

Their journey, which lasts for a month and a half, set off on the fourth of July from the port of Grand Hyper Marine in Malta and will sail through ports in Italy, France, and Spain to introduce the authentic Qatari maritime heritage and to promote the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar.

The activity is within the framework of Katara's strategy of documenting the relationship of generations to their glorious past through sea voyages that were at the heart of the lives of parents and grandparents and their source of livelihood in the era of pearl diving.

General Manager of the Cultural Village Foundation (Katara), Dr. Khalid bin Ibrahim Al Sulaiti, in a statement to Qatar News Agency (QNA) said that Fath Al Khair's fifth journey achieved more than one goal, on the one hand, it conveyed the authentic Qatari maritime heritage and the life of its ancestors in the past, on the other hand, it promoted the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 in an exemplary way, noting that the current trip is an extension of the previous (fourth) journey.

Dr. Al Sulaiti pointed out that the Fath Al Khair journey has opened wider horizons since its launch in 2012, as it roamed that time in the Gulf, and remained faithful to its role in linking the young generations of Qatar with their ancient past and glorious maritime heritage. It deepened the cultural ties that bind the Qatari people to brotherly and friendly peoples, based on the experience gained by Katara in running previous Fath Al Khair journeys.

Mohammed Al Sada, the journey's nokhadha, affirmed in his statement to QNA, that the Beaches Department of the Cultural Village General Organization (Katara) is working hard to attract all aspects related to marine heritage. All days of the year, registration is open for the Fath Al Khair journey and all the information is provided to the sailors.

He also stressed the keenness to follow the traditional means in the maintenance process, away from the modern ones, so that the process remains purely traditional as it was in the past, noting that the Cultural Village General Organization (Katara) attaches great importance to the safety of the flight crew and that it has seriously prepared for this matter through permanent contact with the coast guard of every country or port that Fatah Al Khair approaches

He pointed out that the success of the trip can only be achieved through the concerted efforts of all and overcoming fear, noting that his role as a leader is to meet with them, guide them and alert them to a number of things in the course of the journey. 

Mohammed Al Sada said that the arrival of the ship to one of its destinations is always accompanied by delight from visitors, especially when they see the phrase "See You in Qatar 2022." He added that the traditional sea attire is what captures the attention of visitors, in addition to the gifts given to people young and old from the Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy and Katara to celebrate the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022. The gifts include the competition's official ball Al Rihla, in addition to other gifts.

He added that Fath Al Khair sees a warm welcome from the State of Qatar's ambassadors along with ministers, city mayors, local officials, and the media whenever it arrives at a certain destination. He said that the final destination will be in Barcelona on August 12, where a number of personalities, including Katara Director-General and HE Ambassador of the State of Qatar to Spain along with local and Spanish officials as well as fans will be present. After that, the ship will arrive at Hamad International Airport on August 16.

The first Fath Al Khair trip took place on November 17 of 2017 and lasted a month. The prior trip took place on July 10 of 2019 and included a number of European countries for the first time. It aimed to promote the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 as well as the Qatari heritage.