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Coldest days of the season expected this week: Qatar Meteorology

Published: 18 Jan 2022 - 11:21 am | Last Updated: 18 Jan 2022 - 11:31 am
Pic by Salim Matramkot/ The Peninsula

Pic by Salim Matramkot/ The Peninsula

Doha: Cold spell expected to affect the country from middle of this week and will likely be the coldest so far this winter season, according to Qatar Meteorology Department (QMD). 

In a weather report issued by QMD yesterday, it stated that scattered rain is expected to continue today, January 18, which could also turn thundery at times in some areas. 

Fresh to strong northwesterly wind also started to blow this morning as it is forecasted to last until the end of this week over most areas. Due to this, blowing dust and low horizontal visibility are expected.

Sea waves offshore will also likely rise to more than 10 ft, according to the report. 

A noticeable decrease in temperature is expected to be accompanied by the northwesterly wind. This would lead temperatures to reach less than 8 degrees Celsius in the southern and external areas of the country while the apparent temperatures will be less than that, according to QMD. 

The department also stated that the cold spell is expected to be the coldest so far this season. 

On its latest weather update, QMD shared radar images depicting continued observation of scattered rain over the central region of the country, as well as in Doha. It also warned that it may turn thundery at times in some areas. 

To ensure safety during thundery rain, QMD shared a few tips including:
1. Stay in a safe place and do not stand on rooftops or close to tall trees and utility poles.
2. Avoid open spaces during thunderstorms as it might be accompanied by lightning, heavy rain, high wind, cold flakes and might cause a lack of vision.
3. While driving, the driver should reduce the speed and follow the safety procedures and ensure that the windows are closed and the windscreen wipers are in proper working order.
4. Avoid using mobile phones and stay away from watersheds.
5. To ensure safety when indoors, it is also recommended to disconnect the electrical curent from the household appliances in case a lightnig bolt passed through the home network
6. Avoid touching or operating the electrical devices with wet hands
7. If someone is struck by lightning, QMD advised everyone to call 999 immediately and ask for help.