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CCQ promotes entrepreneurship culture among students

Published: 23 Aug 2022 - 08:38 am | Last Updated: 23 Aug 2022 - 08:39 am
Hamad Al Hajri, Founder and CEO of Snoonu, interacting with students at the Community College of Qatar.

Hamad Al Hajri, Founder and CEO of Snoonu, interacting with students at the Community College of Qatar.

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Doha: The Management Science Division at the Community College of Qatar (CCQ) hosted Hamad Al Hajri, Founder and CEO of Snoonu, a leading company based in Qatar which offers personal concierge and delivery services and e-commerce application, with the aim of encouraging students to learn from the experiences of successful businessmen and entrepreneurs. 

The event was organised at the Auditorium in Lusail campus, which witnessed a large presence of female students of The Management Science Division including Departments of Management and public Administration. 

Dr. Izzeldin Bakhit, Dean of the Management Science Division at the Community College of Qatar, said, “Hosting a Qatari entrepreneur such as Hamad Al Hajri reflects positively on the students’ vision for their future careers, and introduces success factors through learning from the experiences of entrepreneurs who have achieved great and successive successes within a short period of time." 

He said that this event will help students of the Management Science Division to acquire the required management knowledge and applied skills, by linking the educational process and the obtained theoretical knowledge, to the actual reality of the business environment, in a way that highlights the potential challenges and how to overcome them. 

Dr. Izzeldin said the series of “Qatari business success stories” comes as part of the efforts to promote entrepreneurship among students of the Management Science Division in general, and Public Administration students in particular, and thus raising their awareness of the importance of planning for their future, exploring new horizons in solving problems and stimulating creativity, through promoting the cultures of entrepreneurship and innovation which prepares them after graduation to work in many fields in the public and private sectors. 

Dr. Izzeldin pointed out that this vital and important field, in accordance with Qatar National Vision 2030, is closely linked to the commerce, industrial and government sectors, and contributes to the development of Qatari human resources in all areas of business. Accordingly, teaching and applied research at the Management Science Division and the Community College of Qatar, being a model of academic excellence and a pioneer in offering unique and diversified educational paths, focus on building professional capacities and personal skills of students through education and training, to be ready to join the job market after graduation. 

For his part, Hamad Al Hajri said, “It is a pleasure to meet the students of Community College of Qatar, who represent different segments of the Qatari society, including employees in the public sector as well as creative people in various fields, having the ability to acquire new skills through continuous learning with a passion for work, which are considered one of the important foundations for the success of any pilot project.” 

Al Hajri added, “The Community College of Qatar, with the various academic programmes it offers, provides male and female students with the needed science and knowledge to enhance their capabilities as entrepreneurs, preparing them to learn how to effectively manage a business, noting at the same time the need for college graduates to have professional courage and to implement and develop pioneering projects and achieve their dreams, which considered the key to the success of any project or dream.”